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1980 was a big year for Barbie - the first Black Barbie hit the shelves, and along with her a Hispanic Barbie and the year after an Oriental Barbie saw the day of light.

The faces of the African American and the Hispanic Barbie dolls have gone through several changes with the same facial features since most of the headmolds can be of any skin tone or color, but even the oriental doll have seen some changes though there really is only one "true" oriental headmold. In 2000 a special edition was released called Styled by Yuming that has a new sculpted head with a gorgeous oriental face (Yuming is a well known musical artist in Japan). 

I think it's really hard to put Barbie in these four ethnic classes only - where do the dolls from the Far East fit in? Or the Native American Indians? The Far East is part of Asia but I've never seen them classed as Asian. Mostly, I guess this depends on the fact that The International Series and later on Dolls of the World Collection is regarded as a group of their own. Anyhow, the dolls from India is represented here in their own group, and so are the Native American and South American Indian dolls.

Page 1 shows Barbie's African American and Hispanic faces
Page 2 shows her other ethnical features.

African American



The first black Barbie was #1293 Black Barbie. This beauty was released in Europe as Ebony Christie but they are exactly the same doll.

Marked 1971

1987 Jewel Secrets Barbie

Marked 1983

This dark skinned beauty is the Nigerian Barbie from Dolls of the World.

1985 Christie

Make a Valentine's Barbie has long straight black hair.
This is a very beautiful African face.

Marked 1990

This is 1998 Bead Blast Barbie who has the wonderful face of Asha - the other girlfriend of Shani's.
A second AA Bead Blast was released with the Nichelle facemold.

Marked 1990

Ghanian Barbie from Dolls of the World Collection has the looks of Shani.

Marked 1990

Barbie as Rapunzel from 1998 has a black version of the Mackie-face.

Mackie or
Closed Mouth
Marked 1991

Uptown Chic
The second edition in the Fashion Savvy Collection was Uptown Chic Barbie with the features of Teresa

Marked 1990

Doll belongs to Britt-Inger Andersson

The second Grand Entrance Barbie from 2002 was a gorgeous girl made with the Angel face.

marked 1998

Princess of South Africa here uses the Mbili face mold. This mold is similar to the Angel/Goddess face but has a more ethnic touch. Lovely!

marked 2001



I think there are only two dolls made with this face. Anyone have other info, please LMK.
I think this mold/sculpt looks very much like Brandy. It is as pretty, smiley face.

This is Barbie 2002 in her pink frilly dress. The Red Hot Diva from '03 was also made with this face.

Barbie 2002
Marked 2001

The 2004 Birthday Party Barbie AA is to my knowledge the only black doll made with this face.

Generation Girl Barbie
Marked 1998.

A wonderful surprise! A visitor to my site sent me the tip of this beauty and now I have one. (thanks Greg!)
AA Sophisticated Wedding Barbie 2002 was made with the...

Marked 2000

AA Lingerie Barbie is a gorgeous girl with the vintage original Barbie face and I finally got one of her myself!!! 

Original Barbie
Marked 1958

no pic of her

Marked 2003




The first Hispanic Barbie was made with the Steffie headmold.

Marked 1971

The Spanish Barbie from the International series was the first doll to have this headmold and is therefore referred to as the Spain face.

Marked 1983

This beautiful doll is from the
collection of Carin Rönnholm

The first Italian Barbie from the International Series.
This mold is used only once in the Barbie line of dolls.

Marked 1978


A beautiful Hispanic girl: Puerto Rican Barbie.

Markings 1990

This doll is referred to as black or Hispanic. I want to put her into the Hispanic group regarding her light skin tone and her purple eyes.

Wal-Mart SuperStar Barbie from 1994.

Marked 1985

Another member of the Dolls of the World Collection: Chilean Barbie

Marked 1991

Tango Barbie was made with a brand new mold. This particular gal has a rose stuck between her lips - literally!

Marked 2001

Also the latina/brunette David's Bride in 2005 had the Summer face.

Doll and photo belongs to Felicity Kusinitz

Marked 2003



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