1963 Skipper Head Mold
  This is how Skipper looked when she first appeared in 1963. A girl with blonde, titian or brown hair in a straight style and with bangs. Here eyes was looking to the right, just like her big sister and had the same blue color. No lashes other than a thin molded line above the eye that was painted black. The smile is closed and hardly noticeable.

Marked inside rim:

Copyr. 1963 Mattel Inc

She had straight hair, curly hair, bangs, no bangs and rooted eyelashes in some versions and got a straight forward look in her eyes and she had a tan. Skipper had this mold for many years after and in many variations but always blue-eyed. In Japan she could be found with black eyes.


  Growing Up Ginger is the first friend to have been used with the original Skipper mold. She was a brunette girl with brown eyes and grew up together with Skipper in 1976. They shared both head- and bodymolds.

Doll belongs to Rebecca Chulew.


  Katrina sent me a head shot of her wonderful redheaded Skooter so I can share her with you.

Funtime Skooter had the same mold as Funtime Skipper but with a nice shade of dark red hair instead of Skipper's blonde. Skooter had blue eyes.


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