1979 Kelley Head Mold
Starr and her group was a set of teen pop stars that was released by Mattel in the '70s. They had new facial features and a new body-mold too. Some years later Barbie got a new cousin - Jazzie - as an answer to Hasbro's Maxie and Jazzie inherited the face mold from Starr's friend Kelley.

Markings in the back of the neck:

Mattel Inc

This is redressed Sun Sensation Jazzie.

Jazzie came in 10 versions during her four years in the doll world.


The Heart Family was a side line of Mattel's, not really part of the Barbie line of dolls. They were however made from the same molds (mostly) as a few of Barbie family members. Most of the caucasian Mrs Heart were made with the Starr Kelley mold.


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