1965 Francie Head Mold

Francie was Barbie's MOD cousin. She had a new face mold with a MonaLisa kind of smile - hardly visible. She was blonde or brunette and had beautiful brown eyes.

Markings in the rim of the neck:

1965 Mattel Inc "country"


Colored Francie had the same face as her white counterpart. They had the same style on the hair too. AA Francie's hair turned red in time (not all, but many of them).

This doll belongs to Rebecca Chulew.


Even Casey was seen with this face in one version, the so called Baggie Casey in 1975. Some dolls were sold in plastic bags in the mid '70s. This Casey had brown eyes, usually Casey's eyes are blue.

Doll belongs to Rebecca Chulew.


30th Anniversary
In 1996, Francie celebrated her 30th Anniversary and was released in a Reproduced Limited Edition. She used the same mold as before but somehow the result was not as delicate as the original '60s doll.

Markings in the neck of the head:


In 1997 a new Repro doll was released. This time it was Colored Francie dressed in a reproduced MOD fashion; Wild Bunch.

Same markings as 30th above.


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