1985 Derek Head Mold

Derek was a guy filled with Rock'n Roll and he joined Barbie in her tours as a part of the Rockers.

Derek could be considered a Hispanic guy with his black hair and brown streaks. He has blue eyes which could be considered non-Hispanic...

Markings in the back of the neck:

Mattel Inc. 1985

This is the second issue, Hot Rockin' Fun Derek.


Dude was a High School friend of Jazzie's in the late '80s. The difference between Derek and him is that Dude has a yellow tone of the streaks in his brown hair. Otherwise they are the same.


The summer Olympics in Venezuela in 1988 had some special dolls as every other big Athletic event. There was this gorgeous black or dark Hispanic Ken dressed in a light beige jump suit with red stripes, and this is the only black guy that has been made with the Derek face.
He is a more chocolate tone than what shows in this photo. "Black" is a hard color to get right in shots!


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