1990 Alan Head Mold

Midge's boyfriend Alan actually went to be her Groom in 1990-91 and he had this really handsome new face with long hair in the neck.

Alan only came in this one version, sadly. Midge and he was seen in ads for the next year's releases with their baby twins, but that was a story-never-come-true.

This head is marked in the neck:

1990 Mattel Inc

#9607 Wedding Day Alan 1991.


Ken inherited this mold after Alan and also got a haircut later! This is the only Caucasian mold Ken have been made with that has not been used for him first.

A lot of handsome Ken dolls has been made with this head, for instance:
Sparkle Surprise Ken
Camp Fun Ken (series called Nature in Europe)
Locket Surprise Ken and many more.

This is Winter Sports Ken from 1995 - a European special that could be found as DSS in USA.


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