The Stable.

I also sent Dad a drawing of a stable as I thought the horses needed a place to live too. This is what Dad came up with. A beautiful open 2-box stable. Western Star and Sprint love their new home and li'l Dixie seems to enjoy herself too. 
One of the stable-cats is walking the roof truss and another have found an old boot to examine. These are from two different toy-series. The kitty in the boot is a "Kitty-in-my-Pocket" and the other from the German Bully-series, like the one on Sprint's rear.

Big Brother Ken is minding the horses and giving them hay in their hay-trough furthest in the back
of their loose boxes while one of the cats is watching them from Sprint's back.
 I will take more closeupshots so you can see how the stable is built. Ken is here leaning to the food container.

This world brings a lot of strange friendships. Here is one of Nibble's Magical Pets-friends, the pig Charlotte that is making friends with Dixie. Charlotte is showing off her favorite food - corn, that she pull herself in her little wagon (that nose-magnet you know).

This little foal is just adorable and I love her! She is really the baby of Barbie's horses Dallas and Midnight from the mid-'80s, but here she has bunked up in the box with Western Star.



Tommy took a break in his footballplay to pet the sheep Rebecca who is a friend of Barbie's horse Nibbles.
She just jumped into the hay-basket after Ken gave the horses their daily meal.

These little darlings are named Magical Pets. The have a magnet in their nose and can hold whatever they bring in their boxes. Rebecca has flowers and a little basket as you can see here.



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