It's a Dog's life.

My German Shepherd in his big house. It could have been a few inches lower - he has lots of air inside! 

He got a new girlfriend, a French Poodle lady of the big sort. Doesn't he look proud of her? 

She barks with a nice French accent although she IS German. 

Bathing Fun Kelly, dressed in Marisa's summerdress took a Sunday-walk with Carla in her "Söndagsutflykt"-dress to pay the shepherd a visit in his somewhat very big doghouse.

Here you can clearly see the "Falu Rödfärg" - this red color that is made in Falun.


Here's a bigger photo of the German Shepherd.
Please, if you recognize him, let me know his name or who he is supposed to help carry those missing bags!
Send me an E-mail on this address:!

His markings: 
© Mattel. Inc. 1978 / TAIWAN.

I don't know if he is a European special like the Snöprinsessa sledge-dogs, but they are made of the same thin, hard plastic.



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