Elin's doll Lissie

My second daughter Elin got this doll for her third birthday along with some clothes I made for her. The doll comes dressed in nothing but panties, socks and a pair of black shoes and need to get a wardrobe. This Swedish magazine sold her along with patterns to make her some clothes.


Elin on her fourth birthday when she got a
wedding dress for Lissie, 
or Lotta as she named the doll.


Here's the doll dressed in the wedding gown.
She has sleepy eyes as 
you can see...


She has long silky hair that is so easy to comb and style.
Great for little girls, and their mom's!
I made both a veil and a gold yarn crochet-tiara.


The knitted dress to the right belongs to another doll, Skrållan. Elin and her sister Sofie got one outfit each one Christmas for their Skrållan dolls which you can see below.


The blonde Skrållan doll is Sofie's
and the brunette belongs to Elin.


My husband (!) decided which buttons to use for the jacket. They match the pants but the jacket matches the pink skirt too. Yes, it's pink, not red...

It was very fun to make these mix 'n matching sets for the doll. The green skirt fabric is from an old dress Grandma used to wear. What can't be seen is that the green or turquoise fabric in the sweater has got some glittery things weaved into it. 


The picture is little too small as the flower "print" buttons on that gingham blouse can't be seen. I used the same pattern as for the red T-shirt, just cut the front in two pieces and added a piece of fabric and the buttons.  


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