Outer Wear

Teresa is dressed in a slimfitted coveralls made of a green metal-jersey with tiny dots that looks like sequins. 

Gymnast Barbie wears her original outfit under the jacket. I had this limegreen piece of cotton that screamed to be some detail on something. I found the printed cotton in many flashy colors and added the hotpink to make a jacket. It was enough left of the limegreen to make a hood.  

Two tennisgirls, or just dressed for the beach. The white outfit to the left is actually a tennis-gear that I added a striped jacket for. The striped jersey comes from an old T-shirt I wore in High School. 

The one to the right is also made of jersey - a yardage in this case. It's a pair of kneelenght pants, a "bra"-top and a similar jacket as the red/white. 


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