Partydresses and gowns.

Teresa's dress is made of a white fabric with goldlurex as skirt and a golden lamé for bodice. To the right she wears it with an overskirt of white/gold lace, hemmed with a very narrow white satinribbon. 
Barbie to the left wears a balloon-skirt in a red/black fabric, with a red satin bodice. 
Cut'n Style Babs to the right has on a black loose bodice made of silk with a skirt in a black/golden flower-fabric.

Marina and Barbie wears slim party-dresses. The pattern for Marina's golden top is made out of 2nd Rocker DeeDee's orange top. The skirt is a piece of cut fabric that I didn't bother line, but used it as it was. The black part in the bottom is the edge of the fabric and NOT supposed to be seen. I put a piece of the same golden fabric as waist to get some strenght to it. 

The blue dress has got a skirt of a blue silk with metallicthreads and the bodice is made of a lighter blue all metallic fabric that used to be an ugly '80s blouse. 


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