Casual Wear

These outfits are made of bits'n pieces... 

Sea Holiday Midge wears a skirt in brown/pink/aqua that is made from a shirt-cuff - I just added elastics to the waist. 

Sea Holiday Barbie is wearing a set made from a 'ruffle' Mom bought to make new curtains of. I added a piece of lace to edge the skirt. The only thing I had to do was to sew it together in the back. 

Jewel'n Glitter Teresa's outfit is made of yet another blouse cut to pieces. It matches her eyes beautifully! I draw the pattern for her blouse - an '80s inspiration. I had a black blouse just like it myself!! 

Naf Naf Midge wears a pair of yellow  gingham- shorts and the T-shirt is a tiny piece of an old T-shirt. The flowerprint was just in the right size to make a front for a doll-tee.

Jewel'n Glitter Teresa (again!) wears a wool-skirt in blue and green plaid with the waist made of two satin-ribbons. Her portfolio is made of blue sude. The top is a knockoff-doll bathing suit. 

Weekend Marina is wearing a heavy cotton-set in white/yellow and grey with a black leather bag. 


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