Suitable ladies.

Teresa is wearing a suit of silk. The skirt is made from a beige silk and the jacket of a pink raw-silk - very tough to sew!! The top is pink thin silk with a beige Paisley-print.

Hollywood Hair Barbie has a long straight jacket made of a darkblue cotton (it's actually made of several shades of blue) with a  golden/copperstar-print. The yellow dress looks like silk. Falls beautifully! 

Animalprint cotton. The color stained the legs of my Malibu Barbie so I had to change models for it. 

Both girls holds a handbag that is made of leather. Barbie's is a clutchbag, or portfolio more like it and Marina has a small purse with silverstrap. 

Marina here wears pants and jacket made of a fabric from an old blouse. It looks like Vietnamese printing on it, but is surely not. It's a black bottom with to shades of forest-green, purple and burned copper. I cut my own blouse to pieces to make her a blouse for it. It's also a burned copper-toned silky fabric. She is holding a tan sude portfolio.

Shani's suit is made of a nice golden green fabric. I made her a golden blouse to wear underneath and lined the jacket with a golden silk-ribbon. She has the same purse as Marina above, but with goldstraps. 



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