Sleepy time

I made the PJ to the right for my kids. I found this cute pink cotton with big white dots and saw some kind of sleeping wear in front of my eyes. As the wardrobe is limited for the sleepy girls I made her a new Pajamas. The fabric to the left is a shiny fleecy polyester. Not as red as the picture shows but a more coral color (try say that three times in a row!) 

My Brother-in-Law made the girls a bed each and I sew some clothing for it. A blanket with lace, pillows in white cotton. Funny! 
Midge is dressed in a nightgown made from a jacketliner-fabric in a lavendar blueish shade with a green pattern. I added a pair of shoulderstraps from a green silkribbon and a bow of the same that got a green bead in the middle. 
Living Barbie is wearing a short PJ made from a flowerprint cotton with lace-edges. Pink satin  shoulderstraps to keep it up. 


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