Colours of India Series - Chelsea in India 2017

As Kelly changed name to Chelsea - she did the same in India, while the dolls were still the same old and loveable Kelly, in body and head. The dolls are exactly the same through the series - therefor you get only one closeup, while the outfit differs in colors and fabrics. These are also the same as the older Kelly in India dolls but the set I have was made with a new design, in the same style as the Barbie Colours of India series. The information out of India is random and I just don't know the full release of Kelly and/or Chelsea over the years.

More photos in my (Swedish) blog.

Dolls and photos all belong to me, unless otherwise noted.

P6783 Colours of India Series - Chelsea in India, 2017



Colours of India - Chelsea in India, 2017


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