Kelly: Happy Holidays! ©2008

The Kelly dolls for christmas this year (2009?/©2008) had boxes in the shape of christmas ornaments - snowflakes to be exact. The hanger is a silver thread inserted in a silver ring, to look like an ornament. We had two Kelly dolls, Miranda and Kayla.
Kelly was dressed as a reindeer with red nose and antler diadem. He hair is golden to match her lamé suit. The other Kelly is a snowflake with a big snowflake added to the front of her shimmery tutu. Her platina blonde hair with blue streaks and tinsel is set up in two high pigtails. Miranda in her red hair is wearing a red dress with a poiensettia in front and hair. Kayla is a christmas tree with printed ornaments and a green ribbon tied around her black hair with green streaks. All dolls have the NoNeck body.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

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Kelly: Happy Holidays!, ©2008
Asst. M3525



M3526 Happy Holidays! Kelly Reindeer, ©2008



M3527 Happy Holidays! Kelly Snowflake, ©2008



M3528 Happy Holidays! Miranda Poinsettia, ©2008



M3529 Happy Holidays! Kayla Christmas Tree, ©2008


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