Mini Musketeers ©2008

Barbie and the Thtree Musketeers was a movie on DVD, starring Barbie and some of her friends as the musketeers. Kelly sized dolls were released, wearing the same color scheme as the big dolls of Corrine in pink, Viveca in purple, Renee in teal and Aramina in blue. They all come with a glitter pony, the same as the ones from The Diamond Castle, but in different colorings. 

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Photos: Erica King

Barbie and the Three Musketeers: Mini Musketeers, ©2008
Asst. N8022

Mattel Stock Photos



N8023 Mini Musketeers Corrine, ©2008



N8024 Mini Musketeers Viveca, ©2008



N8025 Mini Musketeers Renée, ©2008



P5617 Mini Musketeers Aramina, ©2008


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