Sea Pixies 2007

Sea Pixies is one of the many fairytale doll series Barbie's been part of, but one that doesn't have a movie connected to it. The dolls consist of fairies and mermaids, all in pastel colors. Since so much time has passed since these were released I am not quite sure of which dolls came first, these or the "No Neck" Kelly dolls. Either way I have named their sculpts "Sea Pixies" so these may have been first. Doesn't really matter. The Kelly sized Sea Pixies have a new body, that the Kelly collectors have dubbed "No Neck". As you can see their necks are close to none. These also had a new face sculpt, also used for Kelly's friend Kenzie. The Sea Pixies are one mermaid, one fairy.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

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Sea Pixies, 2007
Asst. No. L6902



L6903 Sea Pixies Mermaid, 2007



L6904 Sea Pixies Fairy, 2007


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