Kelly/Shelly: Birthday Party 2005

Birthday Party of 2006(?), with 2005 consists of three girls in their party best. Flowers and frills. Kelly is wearing a pink dress with green frills as "sleeves". The bodice is pink and skirt flower printed. She comes with a birthday cake on a tray. Kerstis is adorable with glonden blonde hair and brown eyes. She wears a dress in lilac, with the flower print in the top while her skirt is lilac satin with a tulle overskirt. Keeys is wearing a yellow dress with short pofy sleeves. Kerstie and Keeya come bearing gifts.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

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Kelly/Shelly Club: Birthday Party, 2005
Asst. G8845



G8852 Birthday Party Kelly, 2005



G8853 Birthday Party Kerstie, 2005



G885x Birthday Party Keeya, 2005


Kerstie, Kelly, Keeya

Photo courtesy of Erica King


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