Kelly/Shelly: Swan Lake 2003

Swan Lake is one of USA's most loved ballets and Barbie starred in a movie based on the story about the princess that had to live her days as a swan. Kelly and her friends had a bunch of small roles as animals keeping her company. Kelly here, is a baby swan, in Caucasian and AA, with irridescent wings and a feather adorned ribbon in her hair. We have a skunk played by Maria, a fawn with antlers in purple and mint green, played by Marisa. Liana is dressed like a fox and cute as... ahh, can be with curly red blonde hair. The Merry Mouse is played by two girls, Kerstie and Jenny. Not sure what happened there. Tommy is a pocupine with spiky yellow hair, in two skintones. All in all eight kids in different animal ballet costumes. All the grils wear ballerina flats in colors matching their costumes.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

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Kelly/Shelly: Swan Lake, 2003
Asst. B2834, Asst. B3037 (AA)



B2835 Kelly/Shelly as the Baby Swan, 2003



B2836 Maria as Carlita the Skunk, 2003



B2837 Marisa as the Friendly Fawn, 2003



B2838 Liana as the Fiesty Fox, 2003



B2839 Jenny/Kerstie as the Merry Mouse, 2003



B2840 Tommy as Ivan the Porcupine, 2003


Kelly AA

B3038 Kelly as the Baby Swan AA, 2003


Tommy AA

B3043 Tommy as Ivan the Porcupine AA, 2003


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