Bouncy Fun Castle Shelly / Jumpin' Fun Castle Kelly AA 2002

I have the European version of this set. The set is named differently, depending on where it was sold. In USA it was called Jumpin' Fun Castle, in Europe Bouncy Fun Castle (well, the English name). Otherwise they are identical.
Kelly is celebrating a birthday with her friends (they come in separate, single box sets) and for the party, Kelly gets a huge inflatable castle! There is a harness to put her arms through so she can jump all day long. She has articulated legs for better play and they are quite loose limbed. 
Shelly have golden blonde hair in two pigtails and a pink satin dress and pink jelly sandals. She have bright green eyes. There is also an AA set of course, which I don't have on hand myself.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

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56972 Bouncy Fun Castle Shelly, 2002






Kelly AA

56973 Jumpin' Fun Castle Kelly AA, 2002



Jumping Fun Castle Kelly/Kelly AA (with Happy Family Ryan, celebrating Nikki's birthday)

Photo: Courtesy of Erica King


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