Love'n Care Kelly/Shelly, 2000

Kelly/Shelly is down with the chicken pox! She has spots all over her cute li'l face. These comes off with warmth (warm water you apply with a sponge). She is bunked up in her bed in a cozy night gown in pink fleece with plaid patterned cotton sleeves. Same fabric is in her pillow and rainbow blanket - and printed as curtains behind her. Her pink teddy bear with his hot pink bowtie keeps her company and if she feels better she can get out of bed and put on her yellow and pink summer dress and dark purple jelly sandals. You can keep her fed and check her fever. The bed has a drawer where you can put away toys or hide food or whatever.

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27039 Love'n Care Kelly/Shelly, 2000





Kelly AA

29243 Love'n Care Kelly AA, 2000
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