"Yipes Stripes" Kelly 2000

This girl was rather sought after among Kelly collectors. In the same era, there was a Fashion Avenue set called Yipes Stripes, in yellow and black and this girl got dubbed the same, even if she doesn't have an official name, other than Kelly, but it's of course due to her clothes. A black and white striped top with bright yellow collar and skirt in the same yellow fabric and a pair of yellow Mary Janes. She has platinum blonde hair, two tone brown eyes and bright red lips.
This Kelly was sold in the US exclusively through Paul David, but she was an India manufactured and sold doll. The yellow info and warning stickers were added when she came to the US.
I can't say what number she has as the stamp is incomplete.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

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Kelly, 2000



 54x8 'Yipes Stripes' Kelly, 2000


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