Eatin' Fun Kelly/Shelly 1997

The AA and Caucasian versions of these dolls are the same, with Kelly/Shelly's hair put up in two high pigtails with red plastic bands. They are dressed in a jumpsuit with red ruffles instead of sleeves. Cherry print on white top part and blue pants part with a lot of "eatable prints", like ice cream and other desserts and cherries. A pair of red sandals finishes the look.
These dolls have a very loose neck, with the head sitting on a metal "stick". The metal pin in the neck is for the doll's head to swivel to her spoon and away from her fork. There is a magnet inside her that pulls towards one and pushes away from the other. Spoon content is yummy, fork ditto not so much. They also have a new hand on a bent arm, to get better angle when holding their cup. There is a lever in the back that lifts the arm so she can "drink". A couple of short films of this is in the blog (link below).
The blonde Kelly/Shelly has two toned blue eyes and the AA Kelly has brown on olive eyes. As with all early years dolls, the eyes are painted "the same", with two different colors of the iris and two dots for highlight, on each side where the colors meet.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

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Shelly/Kelly & Kelly AA

18582 Eatin' Fun Shelly, 1997
18596 Eatin' Fun Kelly AA, 1997



18582 Eatin' Fun Shelly/Kelly, 1997



18596 Eatin' Fun Kelly AA, 1997


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