Walt Disney World Resort Vacation 1998
Disneyland Resort Vacation

Barbie and Ken take their younger siblings to spend a day the Walt Disney World. They meet Mickey and Minnie - and Kelly is even dressed as Minnie in her black and red with white polkadot dress and a big bow and Minnie ears. Further she has a pair of white stockings in her black Mary Janes. Tommy has a pair of Mickey ears on his head, a red and white striped t-shirt on black denim shorts and black sport shoes. Barbie and Ken wear matching t-shirts with Mickey prints to a black denim skirt or shorts. Barbie carries a video camera to document their visit with their favorite Disney characters.

There is a Disneyland version of this set too, with the only thing different - Ken and Barbie's sweaters have Disneyland printed above Mickey, instead of the Walt Disney World these have.

One of my play dolls is Mickey and he started out as this Tommy doll.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

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Gardening Fun Barbie & Kelly Gift Set, 1996
Special Edition















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