Strollin' Fun Barbie & Kelly 1995

For the first time we could buy Barbie with her baby sister Kelly in  this set with a stroller. The sisters matches each other in denim clothes and pink details. Barbie has a striped t-shirt in pink white, under a vest to a pair of shorts, both trimmed with white eyelet lace, white socks and pink hightops. Kelly has a backless dress in blue denim with pink satin ribbons tied around her neck - and in her hair and the dress is hemmed with the same white eyelet lace as her sister's clothes. There is a ribbon rose attached to the front. Kelly also has a pair of pink jelly sandals.
The sets come in a black and caucasian version. Kelly/Shelly has a lever on her back that makes her wave to everyone she meets.

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13742 Strollin' Fun Barbie & Shelly/Kelly, 1995








13743 Strollin' Fun Barbie & Kelly AA, 1995


Barbie AA



Kelly AA




Photo courtesy of Erica King


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