Shoppin' Fun Barbie & Kelly/Shelly 1995

Barbie takes her baby sister Shelly/Kelly for a shopping trip to the nearest supermarket. They need to buy some baby supplies. Barbie just have to keep her eyes open because suddenly Kelly might just take something off the shelf without her noticing. Kelly/Shelly have a magnet in her hand to help her grab anything that catches her eye. At the counter she helps Barbie load the groceries and diapers onto the belt.
The sisters come  in two skintones, Caucasian and AA and they wear matching outfits. Barbie have a red skirt with a white tshirt and blur vest with strawberry print, that matches Kelly's tiny sundress with eyelet lace for sleeves. They have blonde/brown hair with ble/brown eyes and red ribbons in their hair matching their red lips. Barbie has white socks in her baby blue shoes, while Kelly/Shelly wears Mary Janes in the same baby blue color.
There was also a play set by Arco with a Supermarket (1996) with even more food boxes for Kelly to pick up.

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15756 Shoppin' Fun Barbie & Shelly/Kelly, 1995








15757 Shoppin' Fun Barbie & Kelly AA, 1995

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