When Barbie was first introduced in the last year of the 1950's she was a young woman. The teenager had not been "invented" yet. The early looks far much older than the teen girl she is supposed to be, but that was the way of the time. She had molded eyeslashes and rooted hair in a ponytail. The rooting pattern makes people wonder what happened to her if the ponytail ever got loos. The hair was rooted around the sculp and not over all. Same goes for the Swirl ponytail that was released in the mid 1960's. The Bubble Cut Barbie however had rooted hair all over.

When Barbie turned 35 there was a first of many reproduction dolls made, with this same sculpt and the Fashion Model (Silkstone) Barbie also had the classic looks from the early 1960s.

These heads are usually marked inside the rim and that would be with the year 1958. None if the old originals are marked in the neck. The picture below is of the neck of a Silkstone Barbie. 

Barbie original
Copyright: 1958



#850 Ponytail Barbie

#850 Ponytail Barbie

#850 Swirl Ponytail Barbie

#850 Swirl Ponytail Barbie

#850 Bubble Cut Barbie

#850 Bubble Cut Barbie

#850 Bubble Cut Barbie




The reproduction versions were of course, also made with this sculpt. Wouldn't be much of a repro otherwise, right?

#13675, Busy Gal Barbie repro, 1995

N4974, The Original Teenage Fashion Model Barbie, 2009
Part of the 50th Anniversary series


Fashion Model/Silkstone

The Silkstone Barbie dolls are made with the original "molded eyelashes" sculpt. It is kind of back-to-basics but these dolls are made from a special kind of plastic, with a more porcelain feel to it. It's a heavy plastic and the dolls are posed in a model kind of way. The first dolls in the series was lingerie models but Mattel had to dress them up. Even on the Barbiecollector site, they are now covered with a "sold-out" banner... *silly* They are dolls, people...
These dolls have come in several skin tones even if they were "porcelain" white from the beginning. I love the black dolls!

#29654 Dusk to Dawn Barbie, 2001

#56120 The Lingerie Barbie #5, 2002

B3431 Chinoiserie Red Moon Barbie, 2004
sorry, for the out-of-focus shot



Copies are the biggest form of flattery. The old original Barbie sculpt has been made into clone dolls as well. I stumbled across a black doll version the other day and didn't realize until I had her on hand, she actually was made with the original 1958 head - as well as body. Well, a clone version thereof.


Examples of other sets this can be found:
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