Loranga's Dungeon What's Cooking? Loranga helps Ron practice his spells with Belinda peeping in through the window...


Hello and a
to Loranga's Dungeon!!
I am Pontus and I am just assigned to say Hi to you. All that scary stuff is presented by all the rest around here....
If it is that scary?

BTW... Have you met my pal Hizzzzzterical Hazzan?

Aaron all dressed up like his new pal.... Mr Dracula looks like he is going to eat his apprentice!!! Aaron is playing around with his favorite toy... Eeeuuwwwww... It's a chest with a skeleton!!
The Headless Rider showed up!!!!!



(wanna know a secret?? This guy has two left feet!!! - and still knows how to ride that horse!!)

Two witty witches having a chat... Hmmmm, what are these cooking up now??
Some Fairy Tale Pretenders. As usual Rosa is dressed up as the Lullaby Munchkin with her Darling Ryan at her side as the Prince! Prissy joined them in her brand new princess gown and hat.
More Fantasy Creatures. See who showed up for Halloween? The Warrior Kentaur Arista - who is casting eyes at Nikki in her fairy suit - or is it at her bewinged horse?? Hmmmm..... Isn't Arista a SHE??? Has to be the horse then! 



Eric is the story teller for this Halloween and he has sat down on a big rock with baby Krissy in a firm grip. She is dressed up as a bee. Cute huh?

What he is are telling? Heard it was something about two siblings wandering the big woods when they caught up with this wicked witch that threatened to EAT them!! The kids' names were Hansel and Gretel and the witch lived in a house made from Gingerbread and candy!!


The whole scene.
Kids silently listening to Eric and his story tellings. Vicky in her clown suit has sat down closest not to miss a thing! Next you have Desi, Lila and Tamika.

One of the friendlier witches around. She is dressed in an outfit made by a friend of mine (Isobel Baxter - check her site here:)

Some kritters....

Anne and Andy is paying their relatives a visit... ?

(Sofie made some tombs for the scene.... Mr and Mrs Wayne.... And she HATES her English classes...)







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