Ultra Corps! JunkYardTM

The guy to the left is called JunkYardTM and he is part of an actiondoll-series called The Ultra Corps! made by LANARD TOYS. The dolls are made in China and are of great quality. I put him up on the scanner with Big Brother Ken just to show the size.

The Ultra Corps! is a bunch of High Tech Soldiers and they all have "callnames". They are fully articulated, like the gymnastbodies, but with clicks in the limbs. There are fully jointed hands and feet, knees and elbows.

I sent some pictures to Vicky that she posted on her News-site on Dec 26th 1999.

Click these links to see this hunk with some of the girls:
With Malibu Christie
With Florida Christie
With Live Action Christie
With Sun Jewel Shani
Which one is your favorite match?

Here you can see YunkJard dressed in Ken's FA-tux.

Click here to see the back of his box with all six guys.

Wanna see him ne**id?

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