Kelly I Can Be... Sports kids 2007

Some call these sets Bunch as a residue from the older Kelly 5 Bunch sets. Doesn't say so on the boxes, but it's a quick way to tell which set is talked about.
This set is part of the I Can Be... series, most likely because it's an every day thing going on. School's out for summer and the kids are "playing their favorite sports". There are a few series these days. Dreamclub isn't a thing yet in 2007/2008 (it came with Chelsea a few years later), but you have the princesses, the every day-ers, basic dolls and Fashionistas. For Kelly and her friends there aren't that many themes to put them in.
Anyway. Sports kids, you have Kayla with her rollerblades, Miranda that has won a trophy in her purple belt-whatever-Asian-sport-she is doing (there are a few to choose from and I guess you can pick whichever suits you best), Kelly plays tennis and Tommy is a swim champ with a medal hanging around his neck. All four dolls are made with the Kelly/Miranda sculpt.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

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Kelly: I Can Be... Sports kids, 2007
L8566, Asst. No. L8565










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