(Barbie in) The 12 Dancing Princesses 2006

One of the biggest series of dolls Mattel made for Barbie. It is the biggest of the movie sets with Barbie as Princess Genevieve and her eleven sisters and the shoe salesman/Prince Derek. To that it comes in two skintones, but only seven (or is it eight?) of the princesses. I think there are two dolls with fairer skin in Asia, than we had in the rest of the world, but Genevieve and her closest five sisters, the twins and triplets comes as AA or CC, as does Derek. There is no mentioning on the boxes, but in true Barbie movie style, one of the triplets might be a Kelly in disguise.
We have Princess Lacey, the youngest, who is wearing a purple gown in shimmering and glittery fabric with a pink tulle ruffle around the waist. Princess Kathleen is a redheaded and fair skinned girl in an apricot and pink gown. Princess Janessa has brown hair and her dress is turqouise with lilac details. All three girls have a flower at the waist. In the AA version Kathleen has the lightest skintone, followed by Janessa with Lacey as the darkest. They have the same outfits in both versions.
Also, very noteable... are their bodies. These girls have a huge plastic skirt under their gowns, which has the function to help the girls whirl and dance in the special stand they come with. It's a huge stand with a center hole, into which a prong under one of the feet fits. The shoes and prongs are molded on their, also special designed legs. When a button is pushed, the doll dances. The stands has different colors to match each princess.

Photos not my own: courtesy Erica King

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(Barbie in) The 12 Dancing Princesses 2006
Asst. J8893



J8894 Princess Lacey, 2006



J8895 Princess Kathleen, 2006



J8896 Princess Janessa, 2006



(Barbie in) The 12 Dancing Princesses AA 2006
Asst. J8897


Lacey AA

J8898 Princess Lacey AA, 2006


Kathleen AA

J8899 Princess Kathleen AA, 2006


Janessa AA

J8900 Princess Janessa AA, 2006


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