Kelly/Shelly Check-Up Time 2005

Kelly had to go see a doc. Her arm is broken! The X-rays shows a bone is cracked so the good doctor gave her a cast.
Kelly, that comes in either of two skintones is wearing a light blue top adorned with a pink flower, matching her flowerprints on yellow skirt with a pink ruffle at the bottom. White tennos shoes completes her look. She has straight hair with bangs/fringes. There are tiny bruises painted on her arms and of course thre is the cast the doctor gave her. 

All photos courtesy Erica King

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J0603 Check-Up Time Kelly, 2005
Asst. H4358

Photo: Erica King



Photo: Erica King


Kelly AA

J0604 Check-Up Time Kelly AA, 2005
Asst. H4359

Photos: Erica King



Photo: Erica King


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