Tinkle Time Shelly/Kelly 2005
Tinkle Time Kelly AA 2004

In hindsight, am not sure why these sets have different copyright years. Maybe they were produced for a couple of years, but then the years would have been the same, unless something drastically changed. Either way. Kelly is going to the loo. Again. This version looks slightly different than the Potty Training version from a few years back. They would be easy to distinguish from each other if found nude and even hairless. The soft rubber heart button on the chest is the same but there is something different about their heads. This version doesn't look as "premature" as the previous one. Could be the eyes that fools you. And of course the hair is much different. Shelly/Kelly comes with a doll with her own potty. There are charts and cards and whatnots to give stars whenever Kelly/Shelly hits the loo. The toilet is the same as the Potty Training one.

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G8042 Tinkle Time Shelly, 2004/2005
Asst. H4358





Kelly AA

H0215 Tinkle Time Kelly AA, 2004





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