Kelly/Shelly: Let's Play! 2004

Mattel released Kelly dolls in Caucasian and AA versions in these new and bigger boxes with 2004. They remind of the European Li'l Friends and Shelly Club sets in 99-01. A bigger, square box with a doll and extra accessories. In this set Kelly/Shelly comes with a variety of Fisher Price toys and a teddy bear. The content is the same in the sets. I can't get my head around how these sets are assorted, if these are two or three in the same as there is a Beach Time set with this set on the back, but that set is also marked for next year with a Dress-Up Fun box as a second set. Anyway...
Kelly wears a lovely pink dress with a thin rosebud printed pink tull overlayer and light pink Mary Janes.
Photos of AA doll: Erica King.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

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Kelly/Shelly: Let's Play!, 2004
Asst. No. H0216, - (AA)



H0829 Shelly Let's Play!, 2004


Kelly/Shelly AA

H0826 Kelly/Shelly Let's Play! AA, 2004
Asst. H0825


Kelly/Shelly AA

Photo: Erica King


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