Kelly: Happy Thanksgiving 2004

I am a bit unsure what year this set was released, but it has a copyright year of 2004. These are the only official Thanksgiving Kelly dolls Mattel made and they are adorable. These are Kelly as a turkey and two pioneers, Tommy and Kerstie. I keep wondering what a fourth doll might have been planned for, as there is one number missing in the item series. Kelly has B9212, Tommy B9214 and Kerstie B9215, which makes B9213 missing. On the other hand, nothing is certain with Mattel and their way of naming or numbering things.
Tommy is blonde with blue eyes and freckles and Kerstie have long red hair and brown eyes. They are both dressed in pilgrim outfits, Kerstie with a plaid skirt and Tommy with sand colored shorts. Kerstie have a white apron, brown top with a big white collar, white pantyhose and black Mary Janes. Her hair is cobvered with a white hat. Tommy wears a brown jacket with the same huge, white collar, hold together with a golden belt and boots. He have a brown hat with a golden band.

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Kelly: Happy Thanksgiving, 2004
Asst. B9211



B9212 Happy Thanksgiving Kelly, 2004



B9214 Happy Thanksgiving Tommy, 2004



B9215 Happy Thanksgiving Kerstie, 2004



B6214 Tommy, B6212 Kelly, B9215 Kerstie

Photo courtesy of Erica King


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