Alice and the Mad Hatter 2002

Alice in Wonderland is one of America's most loved fairy tale movies, probably second to The Wizard of Oz. Mattel created a set of Collector Edition dolls with Alice and the Mad Hatter in a box with illustrations from the Disney movie. They are having a tea party. Of course. Kelly as Alice have wheat blonde hair and blur eyes and a very soft expression. She is wearing the signature blue dress with white apron and black Mary Janes. She also have a pair of striped socks/stockings. Tommy as the Mad Hatter is truly wearing a strange hat, just like the illustration of the fairy tale figure in the font corner. A high green hat, with a note on it, saying 10/6. Under it he has gray rooted hair. Under his lion yellow coat, he is wearing a green vest, with a huge green silk bow tie and a pair of striped green pants. To this he wears a pair of teal shoes. So adorable. Just wish there really was a Cheshire Cat included as well. He lies on the back of a chair, printed on the box liner, smiling with his smug grin.

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57577 Kelly and Tommy as Alice and the Mad Hatter, 2002





Tommy/Mad Hatter


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