Tiny Steps Kelly/Shelly, 1998

Kelly walks! Not by herself, but with the help of her doll carriage. If she holds the handles of the carriage and you pull it, she follows. Her legs are loosely jointed for easy movement. Kelly(/Shelly) comes in a pretty summer dress in pink with lace around the neckline, and a white skirt with pink flower print. There are two pockets seewn to the front of the skirt and she wears a matching hat with a rose on the brim. The shoes are pink sandals, matching the doll carriage in pink and white. In the carriage she has put her blue teddy bear (all plastic) and a sewn ragdoll in a pink and white gingham dress and a pink bow in her blonde curls. Kelly drags a baby blanket behind her as she strolls around her room. The box also contains a horse on wheels and a "baby clock".
The AA Kelly's ragdoll is brown with black curls, otherwise the sets are identical.

The second version can be seen here.
More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

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22226 Tiny Steps Kelly/Shelly, 1998





Kelly AA

22227 Tiny Steps Kelly AA, 1998





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