Barbie in India - Barbie & Kelly Gift Pack 2008

I don't have much info about the Barbie and Kelly set from the Barbie in India series but I have seen it listed under 2008 and the single Kelly dolls are marked 2008, so I guess this is too. We have Barbie and Kelly wearing matching avtaars. I think this is the only set where Basrbie wears these particular colors, but yet again, not 100% certain. As I love this color combo, I would have loved to find Barbie in the green and salmon pink. Kelly is the same doll as in the single set so closeup below is of my doll. Barbie looks the same as all Barbie in India from this era, with the GG sculpt.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

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Barbie & Kelly Gift Pack, 2008
Barbie in India
Photo through flickr






Closeup from single doll set


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