Teacher Barbie 2000

This set was sold exclusively in Canada but it has printing in all American languages (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese). The classroom comes with certain furniture that "speaks". Sounds from a classroom, whatever that might be. Had I had this set, I probably would have recorded a video and posted on the blog, even if it had entailed a box opening.
Teacher Barbie is blonde and comes in a denim dress with white collar. She also wears a black vest with prints you may see in a school, numbers, letters, apples(?) and other things. The vest is also pinstriped in red. Barbie has a pair of blue glasses.
Her students Tommy and Kelly sits in a red school desk with black top, eagerly waiting to learn how to read or do math. Here you may find that Math is not Tough.

Dolls and photos belong to Erica King. Closeups are resized and very grainy.

 More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

Dolls and photos all belong to me, unless otherwise noted.

28371 Teacher Barbie, 2000
Tommy & Kelly love to learn with Teacher Barbie











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