Professor Severus Snape. He has been one of the most anticipated characters made into a doll, from the Harry Potter Wizarding World. Everyone has been waiting. Well. I know I did. And finally Snape got to join the growing members of the Potter dolls. I got two Snape dolls/figures almost at the same time and both have their qualities and different sense of likeness to the wonderful Alan Rickman, who played Snape through all the Potter movies. The other one is a StarAce doll, with everything that entails in details etc, but Mattel's doll is a great example as well. The faceup is simple as with all of Mattels dolls of today, but put into the hands of any artist worth their name, this doll could be made into a great mini Rickman as Snape.






GNR35 Wizarding World - Severus Snape, ©2019



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