Harry Potter. There have been a few made over the years and with the new movie series of the Fantastic Beasts and the 20th jubilee the Harry Potter world had a renaissance and Mattel have released a bunch of new dolls in a rather good likeness to the actors/actresses of the original Harry Potter movies. I decided to gather each character on their own page from now (Feb 2020).


Copyright: 2000


Dressed for a game of Quidditch, Harry comes in his Gryffindor team colors - with a broom. He has molded hair, painted all black and no sign of his scar. His eyes are, however very green as the books says, and not blue, as David Radcliff's eyes always have been. The first versions of Harry had this sculpt, a closed mouth one.

#50659 Harry Potter - Magical Powers Harry Potter, 2001


Copyright: 2001


A second version of Harry got a smiley face. The hair is sort of still the unruly mess of black tresses but the glasses has changed looks. Eyes are green, as they should be.

#55293/54868, Harry Potter II - Wizards Sweets Harry, 2001





C3172 Magic Powers Harry, c2003


Wizarding World Harry



In time for the 20th year anniversary of the Harry Potter franchise, Mattel made new dolls of the beloved characters.

FYM50 Wizarding World - Harry Potter, c2018

GDJ70 Quidditch Harry, c2018



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