The Headmaster of Hogwart's, Professor Albus Dumbledore is a character people have wanted to see as a doll for years. The first round of dolls only got the three kids, Harry, Ron and Hermione, none of the teachers. When the whole Harry Potter Franchise turned 20, Mattel finally gave us some of the teachers as well - with more to come! (as of Feb 2020).


Albus Dumbledore



In time for the 20th year anniversary of the Harry Potter franchise, Mattel made new dolls of the beloved characters. The Headmaster of Hogwart's, Professor Dumbledore was one of the teachers to come "alive" first round. Dumbledore is made with rooted hair, but a stiff, molded beard.

FYM54 Wizarding World - Albus Dumbledore, c2018



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