To celebrate certain women that has made an impact in one way or another, Mattel has made a series of dolls they call "Sheroes". This is not the official name, but rather one in a row of series names, they are part of the Barbie You Can Be Anything concept and Sheroes are women that inspires young girls to do amazing things.
Gabby Douglas is an American gymnast and her success in gymanstics led to the first win of a colored woman, hence her well earned spot as a Shero.
Her OOAK doll was so well loved and sought after so Mattel made a doll for anyone to buy. She has a sculpt in the likness of Gabby Douglas.

Gabby Douglas
Copyright: 2016



FCC34 Gabby Douglas, 2016
"Barbie Shero"


This sculpt is used for Gabby Douglas dolls.

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