The Supersize dolls that was first released in the 70's sort of looks like blownup versions of the Superstar dolls. The faces are similar to their 11" predecessors. I have three Supersize dolls on hand right now, Barbie, Christie and Pocahontas, all sharing the same body, Barbie and Christie also sharing head sculpt. These dolls were 18" tall (or 45 cm).  

Sometime during the 2000-2010's Mattel released some new and even bigger dolls, called BFF Barbie, as in Best Fashion Friend. These were 28 inch tall (75 cm). These came with different sculpts - blownup versions of the 11"/30 cm dolls.

In between these, there has been singing Disney dolls as well as Disney princess dolls made but I am unsure how many or how big. Somewhere in the span of 16" to 18", I guess.

In 2016 a doll called Endless Hair Kingdom Barbie was released. She is 17 inch (43 cm), with a rather small torso and articulated body with a huge head. I found the black version too, and she was made with a blown up Asha sculpt, even marked 1990!

Then we have the My Size dolls. 90 cm/3ft tall dolls with clothes and shoes that may fit a 3-year-old as well. Kids can share clothes with their favorite doll. These has been made in several versions over the years, with blonde hair, red hair, brown hair or black skin. The sculpt changed from a "Superstar" to a closed mouth. I would love to get my hands on a black closed mouth My Size. Shipping is insane today, so I wonder if that will ever happen.

I also have a big Marie Osmond doll, 30 inch/80 cm tall. She has great likeness to Marie.


Copyright: 1976


#9828 Supersize Barbie, 1976


#11184 Bedtime Barbie AA, 1993


#9839 Supersize Christie, 1976


Copyright: 2013


#DKR09 Endless Hair Kingdom Barbie, 2015


EHK (AA/Asha)
Copyright: 1990


#DPK21 Endless Hair Kingdom Barbie, 2016
European version and box doesn't say Endless Hair Kingdom, but rather just Dreamtopia.

BFF Barbie



# Best Fashion Friend Barbie, 2015
New pics will come when I have recovered the dolls

My Size Superstar smile



# My Size Bride Barbie


Marie Osmond



#9826 Marie Osmond Modeling Doll, 1976



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