The Sunshine Fun Family and their black counterpart The Happy Fun Family consisted of a Mom a Dad and a baby girl (with a later extension of grand parents, a grown girl and a new baby). They were made with a hard plastic body with poseable knees and faces with inserted glass eyes (or hard plastic since there often is a chemical reaction and some of it melts, wether it's the plastic in the head or the eye bulbs). All dolls has rooted hair. The Dads, Sunshine Steve and Happy Hal sports a narrow face and a square chin. Steve has blue eyes, Hal brown. Steve's hair is brown in different shades and Hal's black in an afro.

Sunshine Family Dad
Copyright: 1793



#2321 The Sunshine Fun Family Steve, 1978
Due to child play he has very frizzy har - ands lost his clothes!


Happy Family nn Dad, Hal
probably the #7279 set from 1975, redressed in a Dress-Up Kits jacket.


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The Sunshine Family Steve and Happy Family Hal dolls
The Star Spangled dolls series

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