Ken, He's a Doll! That is how he was introduced into Barbie's world in 1961. Ken. The first Ken dolls had flocked hair glued to the sculp of his head, in blond or brown color. There has been Ken dolls found with a lighter brown flock too, but he is not that common (like a titian Barbie). Ken's eyes are blue with painted "lashes", looking very much like eyeliner. Neither of my boys are in great shape, but rather played with. The flock has come loose and they are dirty... Poor guys. I just don't know how to clean them without further harming the remaining flock. LOL! Nah. Just too lazy. But you get to see the sculpt anyway. As so many other dolls of this era, no visible stamp can be seen, so I guess it is inside the rim of the neck. Somewhere.
I haven't had too much experience with these guys, to further investigate anything else, so I'll just leave it at that.
There has been some reproduction dolls released with a few versions made with the vintage flocked Ken sculpt.

Ken, flocked


#750 Ken, SL flocked brunet

#750 Ken, SL flocked blond



K2794 Dreamboat Ken, 2006
Sold together with Barbie in a repro set called Friday Night Dream Date.



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