Harley Davidson was introduced to the Barbie line some years back and there awas several Barbie dolls released before we saw the first Ken doll in the series. He had a new face with a closed mouth smile and rooted hair. Happy Family Grandpa has the same sculpt but he is stamped 1996/1999 in the neck so some change was made to it.



#25638 Harley Davidson Ken, 2000
2nd edition

#50722 40th Anniversary Ken, 2001



The Happy Family Neighborhood saw the adding of a couple of seniors, Grandpa and Grandma. Would these be Midge's parents or Alan's? They came in time to visit their kids and later to celebrate Nikki's first birthday. Grandpa has Harley Ken's face with painted on wrinkles. His hair is rooted in a dark grey shade with silver highlights to bright blue eyes.

#B9881 Happy Family Neighborhood - Grandpa, 2003
Happy Birthday (Nikki)


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