Barbie and The Rockers, or Rockstars got a new guy their second year. Ken joined them! He had a brand new face with a closed mouth and blond rooted hair. There were two Ken dolls made with this face, the second being Jewel Secrets. I have a Spanish release of him with PTR arms, and a redressed original version. The Spanish made doll looks crazy with his long neck, but I bought him dressed in the JS outfit so I doubt not, he is the real thing.

Ken, Rockers
Copyright: 1986

#3131 Barbie and the Rockers/Rockstars - Hot Rockin' Fun Ken, 1986

#1719 Jewel Secrets Ken, 1986

Jewel Secrets Ken
Made in Spain



Barbie and the Sensations was a pop group released in the USA. When they travelled abroad and toured Europe, the group was renamed BiBops and a guy joined them, Bobby. He was made with the Rockers Ken sculpt in rooted auburn hair - and turqouise eyes. 

#4960 Bobby BiBops, 1987



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