This is a special sculpt, in a way. Ken got an update just as Barbie did, in the late 1970's. As Barbie got the new SuperStar face, ken needed to be spruced up as well. He got a new haircut (well, molded ditto) with a right side part and long bangs. What can't be seen on any of my dolls, since I don't have the SuperStar Ken himself, is that his head is pierced! The hair is so long it covers his ears and the SS Ken came with a pair of glasses. Said glasses was insterted into his skull! They gave the impression of resting on his ears, under the hair. Upon inspection, one can tell where the holes are supposed to be.
Ken has a huge smile and deep dimples. He is just a happy guy :)

Ken, SuperStar
Copyright: 1977



#1088 Sun Lovin' Malibu Ken, 1978
Bought him loose in a lot but I think he is SL Malibu.

#1881 Roller Skating Ken, 1980
Another loose lot doll, still I think he is RS Ken.

#3208 Disco Ken, c1982


Swivel Neck

#3600 Horse Lovin' Ken, 1982

#3553 All Stars Ken, 1981



Todd appeared only once - and a good thing he did, when he did. This is Todd, to be husband of Tracy. Groom Todd had the SuperStar Ken sculpt with the hair painted a dark brown. What differs from Ken, is his brown eyes.

#4253 Todd Groom, 1982


Heart Family Dad

The Caucasian version of the Heart Family Dad also had the SuperStar Ken face. He is usually painted a dull, medium brown color, otherwise he looks like Ken. These dolls have a ring molded on their left hand ring finger - but bodies can be swapped (I used to have a Derek with a Daddy Heart body!).

#2415 Heart Family New Arrival - Dad, 1986

Heart Family Dad
probably, OR a European version Ken in Dance Magic Ken's outfit

#7556 Heart Family visits Disneyland - Dad, 1990
bought nude

Heart Family Kiss & Cuddle - Dad


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